The company Bonus Stan DOO is engaged in the production of all types of steel constructions according to the "turnkey" system.

In one place you can get:

1. Conceptual solution
Thanks to many years of experience in designing and manufacturing steel constructions, we can help you come up with the most optimal solution for your facility in technical and economic view.

2. Project development
Our team of experienced and professional graduate engineers with the appropriate licenses of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers, on licensed software, prepares the complete project documentation required for your facility.

3. Obtaining building permits
Appreciating your time, instead of you we can prepare documentation and obtain all necessary building permits, registration of works, registration of construction sites to the competent Inspections, as well as all other necessary actions.

4. Preparatory construction works
Our company owns complete construction machinery and equipment for works that precede the installation of steel constructions (excavation of foundations, compaction of the base, formwork, reinforcement, concreting and all accompanying construction works). In the section of our site "Construction works" you can refer in more detail to this sector of our company.

5. Workshop construction manufacture
On modern machines, highly trained locksmiths and welders prefabricate the material into steel elements ready for installation on the construction site.

6. Transport to the construction site
Our company has its own venchile fleet suitable for transporting all types of steel elements to any location in the region. Our production is located in a very good strategic location (Bulevar Evrope Street, 2 km from the highway), which means logistics costs are minimized.

7. Montage
We have all the equipment necessary for fast and quality montage in the field (cranes, platforms for work at height, forklifts, scaffoldings, etc.).

8. Finishing works
We are able to offer all finishing works after the assembly of the structure (installation of roof and wall panels, all types of installations, ALU and PVC carpentry, as well as all types of craft works).